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April 26, 2010

Evaluation of projects

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 The first project I evaluated was the clod storm by Salesian as c3 John Stayne and David Stobbart. Here is the link: http://salesianas2010c3.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/our-first-cut/#comments

The second project I evaluated was going to triarii by Salesian as d6 William Siase. Here is the link:  http://salesianas2010d6.wordpress.com/2010/03/02/going-to-the-triarii/#respond


Evaluation of Deceased

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Our media task was called deceased it is the story of two cyclists who stumble across a dead body. Are opening shot comes down from the trees to show the two cyclists riding down a hill. It is set in a large forest with two bikes, three actors and a large sheet to cover a dead body. The cyclists proceed down the hill then enter the main forest with long shots showing their route. At the start of the film I would have preferred to pan round to show the cyclists riding down the hill, the reason I would have preferred this is because it would have revealed the whole area rather than just the top of the trees and the sky. At first we used the pan as our shot but it wasn’t straight enough so we had to change to a downward movement. Both cyclists ride down the hill at pace then separate I thought that this was important because it was meant to keep the audiences interest because we could vary the shots. After the shot of the two cyclists splitting one cyclist is shown riding down a small hill towards the middle of the forest this is a long shot. In my opinion this works well because the whole body of the cyclist and the bike he is riding can be shown in one shot. The next shot is an extreme long shot of Luke one of the cyclists and a long shot of Tom the closer cyclist. In my opinion this shots shows what was needed because Tom is closer to the screen and Luke is further away riding uphill. The next shot is a point of view shot using a helmet camera this is mean to let the audience know what the cyclist can see and how they are feeling. In my opinion a helmet camera is more effective than the actor just carrying the camera because the actor can move at pace. The next shot is the two cyclist coming back together I think that this should have been a point of view shot the whole way through rather than just for one or two seconds because then the Luke could of shown Tom riding on his way round to where they meet. A high angle shot is used here because the cyclists are riding in the same direction that has already been shown. So using a high angle shot was used to make sure the audience were kept engaged instead of using the same shots the whole time. The next shot shows Tom riding towards a ditch where a falls this shot is a low angle shot. When Tom falls the body is not shown to give a sense of mystery, when Tom falls there is a small and quick first sighting of the man in woods it is hard to spot at first we used this just for a few viewers to spot.

There is now a point of view shot of Tom’s reaction to falling over this mystery object, there is then a point of view shot from Luke’s point of view showing riding back towards Tom. I think that gives off a real feeling of mystery not letting the audience know what has happened and keeping Luke mystified as well. Luke is then shown riding towards Tom this is a long shot they then have a few minutes of dialogue with different shot displayed they are then interrupted by what can only be assumed as a noise in the bushes. The pair then ride off out of the forest first they go down a small hill with the same character that is shown earlier moving out of a whole in the ground, this retains the feeling of mystery. A short point of view shot shows the floor and one on the cyclists riding quickly to get away, this shot is followed by medium shot of Tom on his bike then an extreme long shot of the mystery character in the same shot he has his head down and hands in pocket not showing his face, he then walks into the woods. The two cyclists are then shown cycling down a large hill towards the exit then a small jump a low angle shot the reason that I pick this out amongst all the other shots is because this is the only shot that shows all the speed that the cyclists are getting. There is then a extreme long shot of the two cyclists which turns into a extreme close, but remains a extreme long shot of the mystery character he again has his head down, hood up and hands in pockets.

I think that the project was a success overall because there is no mistakes on the finish product, next time we do this we both said that we should of taken more time on the editing. My favourite bit about the film was the sound track because at the start it seems friendly as if nothing is going to go wrong then as Tom falls over the track stops after they get on there bikes there are heavy drums high intensity to make this feel like a chase. At the start we decided to put the names at the bottom of the film as it plays through because there is little to no incident in the first minute and a half. We also decided to put the title at the end the reason for this is because the name of the film is the deceased, which means someone has died and at the start there is mean to be no feeling of this where as at the end there is and it adds impact to the start of a film. If the film was going to carry on it would be the perfect moment for a scene change.

April 20, 2010

Genre analysis (21)

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21 is a thriller which is in the same genre as mine this makes it the perfect film to analyse. The story of 21 is about Ben Campbell a gifted mathematician studying at M.I.T. trying to get into Harvard medical school, his math teacher Mickey Rosa is impressed with his skills and introduces him to card counting in black jack. There is a team of six Mickey, Jill, Choi, Kianna and Fisher.

On the left shows the teams secret meeting point. This is where they learn strategy,  Mickey is a former card counter but is now a professor secretly teaching his students to count cards on weekends in Vegas. The shot used here is a long shot the mise-en-scene shows a simple black jack table in a Class room with students dressed in simple clothing. Only sound is speech of characters.

Ben has two choices either carries on living his normal life doing nothing but school work and hoping to get a scholarship for Harvard. The other choices are card count and win the £300, 00 to pay for Harvard. Throughout the film there are a series of choices and close encounters with Cole Williams who is a security guard.

The next shot shows the glamorous life style of Vegas. The shot in the first picture swoops down to show the pool and the team in swim suits. The sound use is a happy song with Ben speaking in the background this is meant to make the audience feel at ease, the next shot is edited in smoothly. In the second picture at first Jill and Ben are shown having fun then Kianna is shown surrounded by big strong looking men being massaged. The sound is the same in this picture is the same as the picture above. All men are topless in trunks with women in baggy clothing sitting in comfortable seats.

This shot shows Planet Hollywood a large casino another pan. This shot is at night because this is when the team do all there winning. In this shot all the audience can hear is the happy music in the background this scene is just before Ben is shown entering Planet Hollywood. The backdrop is bright with gold as the main colour this gives off a feeling of wealth.

In this shot Ben is shown clapping and winning Kianna is also on the table after setting it up for Ben. He is also saying in the background “it is so good it can’t end”. Kianna and Ben are both wearing simple clothes with the dealer in a uniform. Drinks at the table and of course cards and chips with noises and scenes of a casino in the background.

Cole Williams is shown here watching Ben from a closer angle after earlier on in the film having suspicions about him being a card counter. Cole is wearing a smart shirt and tie. The sound has gone to Ben’s voice over with music in the background.

This shot shows Ben trying on new suits this is a medium long shot of Ben. He still believes that this life style will never end but the audience know that Cole is close. Ben is speaking in the background about how much money they have. Ben is shown in a suit more feeling of wealth and smart white background in shop.

In all scenes Boston looks boring and full of hard work and no fun, where as Vegas looks easy but dangerous and all fun. Boston is meant to be safe but only to the audience because they have seen Cole getting closer but Ben hasn’t. This is commonly used in thrillers to let the audience in on something the characters don’t know.

Fisher has become jealous of Ben and appears to feel that he has taken his place as the high roller. This is a medium shot of Fisher, Ben and Kianna. The only sound is speech and casino background noises. Normal clothes that have been warn throughout the film. After this scene Fisher is chucked off the team by Mickey Rosa.

Ben’s old friends Miles and Cam they have been working on a robot project for a long time whilst at M.I.T. This is when Ben is chucked off their team due to lack of commitment and leaves his old friends behind. The shot use is a medium shot with the only sound dialogue and street noise. Warm but bland clothes due to cold whether.

In this scene Cole Williams has caught Ben and taken him behind close doors in order to hurt him. The shot used is a close up this shows all detail on the face. The only sound is Cole and Ben talking. Cole has removed his blazer, loosen his tie and undone his top button.

In this scene Ben is wearing a disguise because his face has been recognised. He is back with Mickey for one last win the shot used here is a medium shot to let the audience know its Ben but also show the disguise as well. Ben has a wig, fake moustache and shirt, tie and badge jacket. Standard casino background scene and noises use throughout the film.

This scene  is a medium shot of Cole Williams in slow motion he has spotted Ben and Mickey even with disguises on there is a shot reverse shot between Ben then Cole, Mickey then Cole. Cole has a suit on with his big security guards also wearing suits. Mickey and Ben also have suits on. The sound of Coles footsteps are played very loud and slow to drag out him catching Mickey and Ben.

At the start of the film Ben was told to “dazzle” the board who decide who get the scholarship in the end it turn out Ben just doing all that stuff in Vegas was enough. The first shot is Ben telling the story then the camera pans round to show a stunned man in a nice suit in a very upper class office the only sound is dialogue.

March 11, 2010

Preliminary task

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This is my preliminary task which was the first media project I worked on in media.

In this preliminary task we acted out a scene in which two characters walk into a room and have a conversation. In our task we feature one character chasing another character throughout the play in the end the story comes clear as they meet in a room and exchange words. 

There are areas that went well in the preliminary task. The opening camera angles in the task we’re effective because it showed all different sides to the main action the angles used are MCU, ECU and MS. The angles in the beginning of the film set the scene there is diegetic and non-diegetic but no dialogue. There is not a lot of editing in the first sequence apart from the adding of music this is non-diegetic and fast tempo this helps set up the opening scene. Editing the least used technique out of the three but the best use of editing is a time shift towards then end of the scene. Their was a strong use of camera work in this particular scene because when the camera has come back to the original shot it was exactly the same position. When there is a CCTV shot from a high this is a MLS from the high angle editing is used in this as well because soft focus is required to give the effect of CCTV making the picture black and white is also necessary.

There are a few pour points that could be improved in the opening scene the cuts to other angles are rushed and don’t run smoothly enough. Sound in the first scene has an echo and could have been mended in editing. During the course of the task the sound track was repeated if we had found a track that fitted the length of the preliminary task. During the time shift the door is shut then when the shot comes back the door is open. 

We chose to do are piece as we did because it forces the audience into wanting to see more. We used this layout because it would be easy to use the camera effectively using all different shots. In my opinion my favourite shot was a shot from the floor this changes from a ELS to a MCU. Editing could be used often when filming this sequence because we added sound and edited how the camera appeared to be shooting e.g. blurred appeared and edited speech towards the end when Ray Jizzle announced his name. The use of diegetic sound is the main use of sound throughout the scene because there is a track that is consistent throughout. Non-diegetic sound is used so make sure that all sound captured in real time is on the film. Mise en scene costume stays the same setting always same sort of area appearance stays the same. 

Next time I would like to improve my use of the rule of thirds this means to put the actor in the third of the screen so the audience can see what the character is looking at. Improvement is needed especially in what was said by the actors at the end of the scene their needed to be more consistent and natural conversation. During this task I have learnt how to use the cameras properly. Learnt how to edit on an apple Mac and separate sound.

February 22, 2010

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